Clients say
Would you recommend Search Simple LLC to your business partners(internal or external) or among your professional network?
"Right Talent Search matching client culture"
"Matching the job description with the goals and background of the candidate and ensuring I was prepared for interviews."
"Very friendly, flexible and responsive. Definitely the right partner for a challenging hiring assignment."
"Applicant understanding and feedback."
"The regular follow ups both with the employer and candidate."
"Great friendly guide serving with a heart . Arrangements were good and flexible. Acted on requested changes very swiftly."
"Being connected at all time."
"Close follow up while appreciating my workload. Good candidate pool and helpful insights."
"Explaining of the J.D. and handholding during the engagement"

Regional Managing Director

Legal@Fortune500 Corporation, Singapore
​" far as recruiters go, you are the best I have come across here.  You aren’t pushy and yet you are extremely helpful.  Regardless of the outcome of the search, I’ll be sure to recommend you to others to use.​"​

Gavin Chua

It's not easy finding talent in the gnarly world of legal, compliance and government affairs, so he takes time to discern the hiring manager's expectations, against what the organization needs. Intuitively he has the knack of identifying just the right sort of person for the job. He eschews the check-list and it's never transactional. Instead he advocates for you, and he advocates for what the company stands for, in order that the match may succeed to ride the next growth curve.

Joan Yap

VP, Human Resources, Singapore Exchange
“I have since worked with Kristian back in 2013 where he assisted us on the recruitment of several regulatory compliance roles, and a couple of senior roles within the legal space. Kristian often keeps himself up to date to the talent movement, and does his best to offer useful industry information and advices. In all my dealings with Kristian, I find him professional and honest.”

Nicole R. Mark

Ethics and Investigations Counsel, US Multinational
"Search Simple is manned by one of the finest recruiters in the business. Kristian Francis thoughtfully considers a candidate's background and personality to find a perfect fit for the organization's needs. Mr. Francis has a deep bench of both talent and contacts within the companies that allow him to provide an ideal solution for both sides."

Raphael Bouzy

Managing Director, Datarama
“We had a very specific recruitment need that scared off most recruiters but SRCH took the challenge and found the right talent for us.”

Global Head

Compliance Investigations - International Bank
‘Kristian is  a person who takes the time to understand both parties ensuring that the position is not only aligned with the person’s skills but also long term development and goals for both.  Kristian specialises in the difficult and unique placements.  It is something that can only come about by having a detailed understanding of the company/candidate and their long terms goals i.e. not only is this is a match, but is it the right match moving forward?  Kristian understands the sensitivities of senior placements, maintaining confidentiality and professional courtesy. If you want someone who can understand you now and for that place in the future then I highly recommend Kristian.’

Steven Liew

Executive Director for Asia Pacific at APCO Worldwide
“I have worked with Kristian when I was Asia Pacific Associate General Counsel for Government Relations at EBay Inc. and continue to rely on Kristian for my talent acquisition needs. At EBay, I was hiring a very senior role to lead our government engagements in a rather difficult market. The company had previously exited the market and we were seeking to re-enter it. As a result, we needed a candidate who would be able to communicate clearly the company's new vision and mission for this market, navigate the minefields filled with government officials who had first hand knowledge of our exit and harbored doubts of our commitments. Kristian worked very closely with our internal recruiters to develop a search strategy that will bring us the best slate of candidates. When we started interviewing, Kristian was also instrumental in helping us and the candidates to clearly enunciate our respective positions. Finally, I was very impressed by that assistance and advice Kristian gave us to close the hire. I continue to rely on Kristian for my hiring needs.”

Kuldeep Singh

Compliance Professional, Life Sciences
Anyone helping you in making a decision to change your job, or even your career, has to have credibility, professionalism and above all else gives you an assurance of trust. There are many executive search consultants or firms, each good in their own ways but one need’s to have a relationship of trust and confidence in the person leading the search. I found these qualities in Kristian Francis. Kristian takes the time to understand what you want and what fits your needs. There is no hurry in ‘closing the deal’ or moving on to the next client. With me, there were competing interests from other recruiting firms but Kristian remained focus and always gave me the feeling of being assured that my wants and needs would prevail. Getting on the right ride is not luck, it is having someone strategically think about you and then having a niche opportunity presented to you. I am fortunate to have listened to him and today I am blessed to find a great position in one of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. I wish you too will find the journey fulfilling and richly rewarding.

Robin Lee 

Board Director and Technopreneur
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Kristian during his time at Hydrogen. He is very knowledgeable and has an astounding appetite to always learn new things. The RHT G.R.A.C.E. team and I will always be grateful for his support from day 1 when the company was a fledging start up. He is a true visionary and over the years our relationship has expanded over the years to both professional and personal. He is a mentor and his guidance during my time at G.R.A.C.E. was fundamental to our success as an organization - resulting in our acquisition by RHTLaw Taylor-Wessing, the 2nd largest law firm in Singapore. I will forever be grateful for Kristian's insights and am confident Simple Search will establish itself as a force to be reckoned with!

Head of Public Policy

South East Asia - Global Technology firm
"Kristian changed my life. He took me from one of the world's top financial institutions to one of the its most influential technology giants. He guided and advised me every single step of the way, negotiated on my behalf and helped close the deal within 2 months. He was a partner, advisor and became a friend."

Head of Compliance

Fortune500  Healthcare Group, Shanghai
“I had the good fortune of receiving a personal recommendation to engage with Kristian by a good friend and professional contact from my old law firm. The opportunity I was presented with was in a related field, but a new industry and involved relocating from Shenzhen to Shanghai. The interview process was extremely thorough and required a combination of face to face / video-conference and telephone interviews with business and function leaders located throughout the region incl. South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Beijing & Shanghai and the U.S. The company is enormous, complex and highly matrixed. Therefore the preparation, briefing, de-briefing & coordination made a big difference to help me to focus on the important things. Kristian successfully negotiated on my behalf and I am pleased to say I'm still with the company, have built some wonderful relationships and am delighted with the result.”
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